Twitter for No-Coders: The 28-day Blueprint for Building an Audience of Paying Customers

🌶 Jens Lennartsson
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🔥 "Jens changed my relationship with Twitter in the first 5 minutes."🔥

“My Twitter audience is growing in slow-motion… What am I doing wrong?” 🐌

Recognize yourself?

Twitter will be the most powerful promotion platform for your business -  as soon as you learn how to use it.

Don’t spend months growing the wrong audience. They just won’t buy your product (nothing personal...)!

The right audience, on the other hand, will not only become your best customers. They’ll also help you grow your following, ace your Product Hunt launch and give you an endless supply of new product ideas.

In "Twitter for No-coders" I'll show you how to grow faster:

  • The most common (and costly) Twitter mistakes.
  • How I grow my account with up to 100 followers a day.
  • How to write tweets that'll get reactions
  • Choosing the topics your audience wants to hear about
  • Real-life examples from Twitter experts
  • How to "steal" followers from large (10k+ followers) accounts


"Jens' Twitter marketing e-book is the equivalent of striking gold, twice. This succinct guide to Twitter marketing is like having an army of marketing gurus on staff.

Don't think twice, purchase this e-book and look from the best in the biz."

- Art West, NoCode Devs

"Good authors share ideas. Great authors share experiences. 

They don't care to tell you how wrong you are or how great they are. They show you the way forward.

What I love about Jens is how he consistently manages to strip out the bullshit and get straight to the point. 

In this e-book, he shares concrete examples of how he penetrated the Twitterverse and allows his journey to speak for itself. 

He changed my relationship with Twitter in the first 5 minutes."

- Sarkis "SAKO" Buniatyan, No-Code Rumble

“Since adopting Jens’ tactics and tools, the results have been staggering:

In the last 4 weeks, I’ve had over 215,000 impressions [on Twitter], 3,500 profile visits, and 390 followers. I’m excited to continue learning his methods and strategies!

Jens has been an amazing resource and a major inspiration for me when it comes to my social media marketing. I found Jens on Twitter and was immediately inspired by his Twitter marketing tactics.

I began to implement some of the methods that he suggests and I really leveled-up by spending less time on Twitter while seeing more results.”

– Michael Gill, NoCode Coffee

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A step-by-step roadmap for building your audience on Twitter.


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Twitter for No-Coders: The 28-day Blueprint for Building an Audience of Paying Customers

14 ratings
I want this!